Technical Specifications
 Audio XR


 Supported  Operating Systems  Linux, Mac OS X, Windows  
 Bluetooth with external antenna connector    Omni-directional  9dBi  2km max.
 Directional antenna  18dBi  10 km
 External antenna cable available
 Bluetooth profiles       Bluetooh 3.0 with EDR certified
 With 802.11 tolerance (AFH)  
 Master and slave modes at the same time  
 SPP for streaming data  

 OBEX/FTP for the transfer of BASIC, Configuration and data logging file system

 Up to 4 multiple connections at the same time  
 RS232     1200-230400 bps, 8 bits, none  
 DTR, DSR freely accesible  
 Automatic hardware handshake recognition (RTS/CTS)  
 Power control
 File system      32kByte available for files
 Up to 4 files
 Access from BASIC program
 FTP downloadable over air
 Micro SD card coming soon
 BASIC interpreter     1023 lines of BASIC program, 32 bytes long
 Embedded functions for Bluetooth and sensor operation
 Interrupt routines for clock, messages, Bluetooth events etc.
 String operation functions  
 Certifications    Bluetooth certified (BQB)  
 Bluetooth 3.0+EDR compatible with 802.11b tolerance  
 FCC authorization 15c - SQCAB5C1  
 Radio      Raw output power  19.5dBm 
 Input sensitivity  -94dBm 
 Omni directional antennas  3dBi inclueded up to 9dBi certified 
 Directional antenna  18dBi FCC certified 
 Antena connector  RP-SMA 
 Sensor interface   Trough RS232  
 Build-in temperature sensor
 Industrial strength aluminum case    Small size  70mm x 57mm x 15mm 
 Case mounting flanges  
 Operating temperature range  -20ºC min, 50ºC max 
 Power supply    Industrial rechargeable Lithium polymer battery  450mAh 
 Powered through USB, charging  300mA 
 5V through pin9 of the DB9/header
 Real time clock    Calendar functions
 Interrupt programmable
 Battery backup
 Temperature sensor  Environmental data