AIRcable SmartMini


Interfacing iPhone an other Bluetooth Low Energy capable devices to standard serial ports has been quite difficult. There are no standards like the SPP profile in Bluetooth 3.0. But, we implemented SPP over GATT in all our new BLE products. The SmartMini allows connections, even from iPhones to a specific UART Characteristic. You can specify the baud rate and read and write to that characteristic for a streaming serial connection. It's easy, finally. See Peripheral configuration.

The AirCable Mini is the most cost effective and freely configurable Serial-to-BLE adapter that minimizes the cost of adding Bluetooth to RS-232 serial devices. An ideal solution for OEM customers the Mini is ready for immediate deployment. Fully customizable remotely it allows a safe and secure communication. ≈

The AIRcable SmartMini uses our generic Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE) firmware for AIRcable BLE based modules. It implements the following features.

The SmartMini is configurable through an easy to use command line interface. The interface is accessible through the serial port at 115200 baud. The AIRcable SmartMini is password protected for reading and writing characteristics.