Bluetooth & wifi marketing solution
Wiboo can support Bluetooth marketing and wifi marketing meantime. It covers almost all cellphones which have bluetooth or wifi feature.

Bluetooth marketing
Bluetooth Proximity Advertising is a brilliant new way to communicate with people by sending adverts, promotions or general information. We offer various products to suit any budget and any project no matter how large or small. Our Bluetooth marketing System constantly searches for Bluetooth enabled mobile devices in a specific area and will automatically send your customised message to these devices. So with Bluetooth advertising, you can save a lot of money and get the best results as well.
BTW28 can detect cellphones arround it within the range of 200meters, and will connect the cellphones if their bluetooth are enabled.  It will prompt like " Receiving a message from XXXX ?  If end users accept the prompt, Wiboo will send content; if end users reject the prompt, Wiboo will not send again.  Sending statistic report can be download from Wiboo. Wiboo can support multi-campain, schedule campaign, sequence campaign, lottery campaign.

Wifi marketing
Moreover, Wiboo works in a similar way to a hotel wifi hotspot. when the mobile users log on to the wifi connection and refresh their browser, the wifi device immediately redirects the users to the advertising content webpage. You also can also  build a webpage into device. if there is no internet available, then the end user will visit the local webpage directly.
1. Internet access point
When end user access Blueone Bluetooth wifi marketing via WI-FI, he is requested to read some pages of advertising. If end user accept, advertising pages will be displayed. After reading adversting pages, internet is available.
2. Redirect special website
Redirect users to special advertising website when users acess Wiboo. After users visit advertising website, user can go to the website they want.
3. Intranet
Put a whole advertising website into Wiboo, no need to connect Wiboo to internet. End users can visit the advertising website when they access Wiboo.