Corporate Totem

New and Modern design

The corporate Totems increase the effectiveness of proximity marketing.
The proximity marketing system, supported by a visual image, the customer is more attentive to the reception on your mobile.

The AIRcable corporate totems can be fully customized and adaptable to any environment

For the provision of services, AIRcable emission devices installed in public spaces (stores, malls, museums, ...), these devices are composed of the long-range Bluetooth antenna, control equipment, software developed by AIRcable A screen of information and advertising service.

These devices must be integrated in a separate module or "totem", protected from intrusion and vandalism. Its design is one of the basics of service provided by AIRcable for this market because it is their external image, we propose the hiring of a design and marketing firm that will provide the following services:

  • Conceptual design
  • Design and manufacture of prototype
  • Creation of test units