Communications Solutions

Communication Solutions
The combination of Aircable devices, ports and protocols allows the use of bluetooth wireless in many applications as:

  • communications
  • sensors
  • monitoring
  • maintenance
  • control
  • security.

And these applications are deployed in different areas as:

  • Smart Cities
  • Intelligent Buildings
  • eHealth
  • Industry Production
  • Logistics
  • Parkings.

Some Practical Tests


Solar Farm

With our devices, you can control and monitoring of solar farms because of the long-range Bluetooth technology. Read more...





Through our monitoring devices can be controlled stocks, inputs and outputs of your products and all the logistics of the stores.



Humidity and temperature controllers for industrial facilities. you can also monitor external Zonar as fields, stadiums or vineyards



You can always have controlled the number of parking spaces available. How many vehicles are in your garage and its ability via wireless.


Smart City

Culture is on the street! Public platform where each point of the city has WiFi access and sending information points Bluetooth. Read More...