Bluetooth Data Relay

Bluetooth Data Relay Application

Customers use the AIRcable Industrial XR to relay data between two devices, e.g. smartphone and instrument. The relay is implemented in BASIC code and uploaded into the AIRcable Industrial XR.

The AIRcable Relay Code forwards an incoming wireless connection to the Serial Service to another Bluetooth device, it has paired with. Data are routed in real-time between the two wireless connections.

The RS232 serial port is used for status messages and for a manual command line interface. It is not necessary to use the command line interface since the Industrial XR Relay has been configured correctly by default.

The button is used for on-off switch as well as pairing: Start the AIRcable by short pressing the button. In idle mode when it is paired waiting for an incoming connection the blue LED will blink once every 10 seconds.

Press and hold the button for 10 seconds until you see the blue LED blinking fast. Release and the AIRcable Industrial XR will switch off.

If you hold the button during boot it will remove the pairing and start to find a Bluetooth device that matches the name filter. The name filter is configured as "Optieye". You see the blue LED blinking multiple times.

Reconfigure the name filter by using the command line interface on the RS232 port. To start the command line interface use Hyperterminal at 115200 baud, 8N1 with hardware handshake. Type '+++' and enter. A help screen displays showing available commands:

Status: 1≈
Name Filter: Optieye
Relay Pair: 00.......
n: name filter
u: unpair
e: exit

To make a connection to the paired Optieye, discover the AIRcable Industrial XR. Name is AIRrelay 12345 with a unique number. Open the connection. The AIRcable Industrial XR will now make another connection to the Optieye. Once the two connections have been established and the data is routed, the blue LED will go on and stay on.