AIRcable Aplications
Uses in every industry!

AIRcable products are used around the world for thousands of applications. We have gathered just a few of these uses to show you the power and versatility our products.

Proximity Marketing

Years ago when we introduced our long-range Bluetooth technology: AIRcable XR™ it opened the door for Bluetooth communication never imagined before. From sending a simple vCard across the room to wireless billboards distributing ringtones to e-brochures delivered right to a phone or PDA, Proximity Marketing is powerful and cost effective, when done correctly.

We are sponsoring the OpenProximity open source project that implements our many years of experience with Proximity Marketing and uses the AIRcable Host XR3 products to reach new customers.


Case Studies

Real customers and how they are using our products to simplify and empower their environments. Case studies range from simple plug-an-play solutions to fully customized solutions we help our customers develop.

Examples Uses

A collection of example uses to demonstrate some of the uses for our products. We open-source these examples to give you the quick start you need for your application development.

  •     GPS Data Logging
  •     Long-distance "Wireless Cables"
  •     Data Streaming/Relay
  •     Remote Equipment Monitoring
  •     Send SMS Messages

    ...and much more!


Cable Replacement

AIRcable products provide a convenient way of connecting a computer with serial devices such as laboratory equipment, point-of-sale devices, scanners, printers and even other computers without using cables.