Long Range Bluetooth® Security Camera ”AIRi(TM)” Gets New Management Software

Written on:septiembre 22, 2011
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The new AIRi long range Bluetooth security video and picture camera allows video streaming for up to 4h on one battery charge with optional sound to cell phones and PCs without the need of complicated infrastructure, e.g. Wifi access points or cabling.

It sends videos and pictures in various resolutions (MJPEG, max 2048×1536) at an innovative adaptive frame rate through a standard Bluetooth connection to any device. This gives the camera a huge range, up to multiple miles with the AIRcable’s proven and patented long-range Bluetooth technology. It also takes pictures automatically and independently of a Bluetooth connection and stores it on its microSD card with full software support and integration availabilities.

The tiny battery powered AIRcable AIRi measures 50mm diameter and a thickness of only 17mm and only 38g of weight. It features a highly sensitive 3MPix image sensor, an external antenna for extended range, local micro-SD card storage, real time clock, ambient light sensor, LED flash as well as an accelerometer and compass for measuring the camera’s orientation for proofing of security footage.

The camera runs under the AIRcable Bluetooth operating system allowing the user to write new code and adapt the behavior to any circumstance. The applications are running autonomously without requiring a Bluetooth connection.

Uses of the AIRcable Bluetooth camera AIRi include professional and personal security applications, industrial and monitoring applications, time-lapse videos, surveillance, safety and many other uses.

The lightweight and wearable camera can be placed instantly to secure an area or attached to walls (“peel and stick camera”), doors, clothing, inside vehicles, taxis, buses or to a security officer for example, enabling life action to be streamed through a cell phone directly to a security monitoring company, the web or your own private computer.

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