AIRcable prototype: the AIRbot

Written on:agosto 31, 2011
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This demo shows AIRcable SMD capabilities to handle interrupts from digital lines, power modulation, outputs management, decision making and cellphone interfacing.
We also created a PyS60 application that can run on several Symbian S60 cellphones like Nokia’s 5530 and 5800 series.

What is AIRbot?
AIRbot was born as a proof of concept for San Jose ESC 2010.
By using AIRcable hardware and some 3rd party parts we came up with a simple to design, less than 2 days, POC and shown it on the expo.
AIRbot is composed of two pieces: Hardware and Software.
Hardware: a small car controlled through Bluetooth with a Small Bluetooth Camera on the front.
Software: a Python application running on PyS60 with some binary extensions.
Why Python?
  • Easy to prototype – 2 days for a working demo
  • Easy to extend – 1 month to get a fully working product
  • Fun to work language
  • Portable: Camera Protocol runs on PC, Symbian (porting to Android planned).
  • Batteries!
  • Officially supported by Symbian
Considerations on PyS60
  • Packing can be discouraging, too many certificatesproblems.
  • Real time applications aren’t easy to implement.
  • Too tight to Symbian OS.
  • Future: PyQT! Now that Qt is officially into S60

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